What is Novus Life

In Spanish “Novus” means new; so, Novus Life is New Life.


Novus Life is an American company with headquarters in California. Our products include a proprietary blend of pumpkin seed protein which has significant health benefits. We made our products accessible, convenient, healthy and yummy. Yes, there are a lot of bars out there, but how many do you know are clean as Novus, with the first ingredient ”pumpkin seed protein”? Our products combined with other natural clean ingredients provide consumers with an accessible healthy snack for everyone in the family.

Novus Life – Our Mission & Vision

Novus life’s mission is to create a healthier world by educating consumers about the health benefits that the pumpkin can offer. Novus Life inspires clean, healthy living with the healing power of the pumpkin plant.

We achieve this by creating simple, natural, pumpkin protein-based products that taste good and are beneficial to your body. Novus Life is a lifestyle-based company dedicated to helping the world make better food choices with whole pumpkin products.

Novus Life is product ready and we have partnered with 4 food distributors in America. We are committed to creating a fun healthy snack for everyone in your household.

Novus Life – Invest in US!

Novus Life is at the stage to launch its products and roll out its marketing plan to generate $1.5M in revenue for the first year.

To accomplish this, Novus Life is seeking seed money of $350,000 USD


Terms:             Convertible note for 18 months

Interest:           10% annual

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