Strategizing Alternative Solutions in an Uncertain Financial Environment

Many of us endured the 2007-2008 financial market where it was difficult to raise funds but the work still needed to get done. We had to curtail hiring and had to make other plans to meet goals which did not go away. We still had to take care of business like dealing with ongoing projects, assembling documentation, and answering regulatory queries. We just could not hire internal staff not knowing when the financial markets would open up.

With the recent 25% drop in biotech stocks as part of a larger market change, this will impact all of us in the industry.
Who knows when the cloud will lift?
Why take a 25% discount in valuation with dilution?
What are we to do?
Fortunately, there are options to hiring to get the work done.
Less expensive solutions exist that need not be long term.
Out-sourcing and in-sourcing are viable solutions.
NovusLife has a deep pool of talent to help you meet your needs.
We have access to the biotech, devices, and drug industry consultants.
They can work on-site or remotely.
The contract can end as soon as you are ready to hire.
No worries, just solutions.
NovusLife: Your one-stop technical solution!
Patients are waiting - no need for you to be waiting as well.

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