Patients Are Waiting

“In rare disease drug development it is typical for the sponsor company developing an investigational therapy to meet with the patients or family members involved in the clinical trials. I have met many such patients over the years and listening to their stories of courage and determination is truly an inspiration. It becomes obvious that the focus of our work should be on them and not about turning a quick profit for the shareholders.  If you do things for the right reasons, then I truly believe success (financial or otherwise) will follow. “

-Beth MacGillivray, Senior Clinical Consultant and NovusLifer

Essential facts about the current state of rare diseases:

  • It is estimated that 1 in 10 people have a rare disease
  • As many as 7000 rare diseases have been identified to date with only 5% of those diseases having an approved therapy available
  • 50% of the population affected by rare diseases are children; approximately 30% of those children will pass away from their disease before reaching their 5th birthday

Our expanding collaborations with our life science clients over the past year has made it increasingly clear to us at NovusLife that time is the most precious of resources, as well as the most limiting of factors, in the quest for much needed, life-changing therapies. We are all up against the clock. If we have chosen careers in this great industry for the right reasons, be they personal or professional, we all deeply appreciate that time is the most central concern to the patients and their families whom we ultimately serve.

NovusLife embodies this sense of urgency; we approach our client work in this manner. We understand that a sense of urgency matters to our clients and colleagues.

With this heightened awareness, we have incorporated a statement to better communicate what we think and how we feel - Patients Are Waiting. This defines our behavior to all of our stakeholders, both internal and external.  We accept that a sense of urgency is paramount. We accept that efficient use of our client’s time and resources is critical.  Operating and behaving with this sense of urgency is a commitment from NovusLife owed to our target clients - rare disease, specialty oncology, and innovative medical device companies.

We are excited about the vast therapeutic potential in these research areas and are poised to help our clients solve their challenges. Time is of the essence - let’s get going!  Patients Are Waiting.

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