Introducing NovusLife!

We are very excited to introduce our firm to the biopharma and medical device community! NovusLife wants to make a difference and add to the promise of new medicines. Science and clinical research march on and on- we intend to help. Our mission is to assist clients to achieve their end goals so that patient populations benefit. After all, its about the patients. My father, Vernon R. Young (who is pictured in this blog), was a nutritional biochemist. He strove for answers and solutions. He found many through hard work and dedication. He made the world better- if you want detailed information you can google him and learn about his accomplishments and his positions. I will say this about him, however, for illustrative purposes: he rose to be on the board of Nestle Corporation, the largest food company in the world. But, if asked what he did he would simply respond, "I do amino acid research at MIT and I love it."

Why would he say this? First, he was humble and unassuming. Secondly, he believed that the research aspect of his career would have the most impact in the world. My father passed away 10 years ago from renal cell carcinoma but I can still hear his wisdom in my head. He is one of the inspirations for this company and its mission. I am not a scientist, nor in clinical research, but I can use my skills and my values to help clients secure the best people in the industry so that the end client (a patient) can benefit.

Again, we are excited to introduce NovusLife and look forward to being a force for progress.

It's all about the Patients.

Andrew J. Young, CEO


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