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A Myriad of Random Rants and Facts about the Life Sciences Industry

I’m bored. Fact. As of December 2014, roughly 1500 drugs had been approved by the FDA in its entire history. 2014 was a huge year of approvals with 44 and 37% were for Treatment of Rare Diseases. 104,763 people on LinkedIn® list themselves as in the biopharmaceuticals or medical device industry within the Greater Boston…
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Rare Diseases Well Done!

It has been ten years since the FDA released rare disease guidelines for sponsors seeking FDA approval. Once a drug or biologic candidate has been identified for study, an execution strategy is needed not to only bring the candidate to regulatory approval, but to also facilitate post-approval acceptance and adoption of the new product among…
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On Resourcing for Start-Ups & Early-Stage Firms

The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good. — Joe Kraus, partner, Google Ventures Each life sciences company has a special set of circumstances and a unique story to tell as it relates to outsourcing/resourcing. “Success” has been defined in many different ways to us from company…
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