Dec, 11th 2014

Life Sciences consultancy NovusLife growing rapidly

NovusLife, a Boston-based biotech and life sciences consultancy firm has grown rapidly on the back of a booming biotech industry.

In recent decades, life science and its impact on human wellbeing have created a booming industry, with discoveries, applications and spinoffs in health, agriculture, medicine, the pharmaceutical and food science industries. Taking part in the boom is NovusLife, a young consultancy start-up which has tripled in size since its founding just eight months ago.

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Dec, 5th 2014

As life science consulting firms thrive, NovusLife triples in size

Since its launch this spring, Waltham life sciences consulting firm NovusLife has tripled in size, exceeding the anticipations of founder and CEO Andrew Young.

In a recent interview, Young said the firm, which started in June with six employees, now has 20 consultants — 16 employees and four subcontractors — on hand to help out biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies that need project-based work done without hiring additional permanent employees. Young said that based on his projections, he's expecting to take in about $3 million in revenue next year.

"We thought this year was going to be to establish the company," he said. "We are in full swing."

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June, 27th 2014

Father was inspiration behind Wellesleyite's new biotech consulting firm

As both a child and an adult Andrew J. Young of Wellesley looked up to his father, Vernon R. Young. Andrew’s dad was a strong role model for him, and although Vernon died at the age of 66 in 2004, Andrew still feels his influence.

Now 43, married, and the father of two, Andrew recently founded and is the CEO of NovusLife, a biotech consulting firm in Waltham. He says the inspiration for his company came from his father.

According to Andrew, his dad was "much like Mom in being a very good person." He added that he will never forget "just how well he treated my mother."

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June, 9th 2014

Waltham biotech consulting firm NovusLife inspired by founder's father

Andrew Young has a background in sales, but says it was his late father’s science work that inspired his to found the consulting firm NovusLife, which began operating last week.

Young, a Wellesley resident, is the son of Vernon Young, a nutritional biochemist at MIT who died in 2004 at the age of 66. Vernon Young was a former president of the American Institute of Nutrition, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1990 and to the academy’s Institute of Medicine three years later. He eventually was on the board of Nestle Corp.

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